Mervyn’s Team the Spartan Obstacle Sprint for #NoToDogMeat!


Yesterday brave NoToDogMeat supporter Mervyn Espie and the team from the N4 workout studio took part in  the challenging 10k Spartan Obstacle Race , Cambridge to raise funds for the NoToDogMeat campaign! This is not an easy thing to do. Climbing over walls, swimming , wading through mud up to your knees, climbing robes, monkey bars etc. And how wonderful that these fantastic people care for our Charity No To Dog Meat Foundation. Please give generously and support the cause to stop cat and dog torture and eating.

Please reward the team’s efforts by donating generously to the NoToDogMeat campaign via Mervyn’s Justgiving Page! 

Korea Times Article – Expats volunteer to care for neglected dogs

korea times 4914


In the picture: Volunteers prepare cages to rescue dogs from a hoarding situation in Gwangju, Gyeonggi Province, in July. / Courtesy of Cody Yoshizawa

By Eileen Cahill 

A Korean animal rights group, Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (known as CARE or Thank You Animals), is struggling to care for a group of severely neglected dogs who were being kept at a home in Gwangju, Gyeonggi Province.

CARE removed about 100 dogs from the property in July with the help of about 20 volunteers.

U.S. citizen Helen Marie Bailey, 25, drove to the site with a group of volunteers and assisted in the rescue.

The occupant was under pressure to release the dogs to CARE, she recalls, because their presence had become a human health issue ― liquid from the dogs’ body waste was seeping through the floor into the apartment below.

Still, the man was yelling and protesting as the rescuers did their work, Bailey told The Korea Times.

Bailey lives with her husband and their young daughter in Uijeongbu, north of Seoul. A U.S. military spouse, she stays home full-time and expects to be in Korea for another year.

Before coming here in November 2013, she worked as a portrait photographer in San Antonio, Texas, and volunteered for her local animal shelter in her spare time.

The Korea Times also spoke with Nikki (Bora) Lee, a CARE representative, who said the group appreciated the work of all the volunteers, including Bailey, who helped wash the dogs, cut their matted fur and provided food and supplies.


She also spoke highly of Bailey’s work as a volunteer photographer during CARE’s public outreach events in Seoul.

Bailey described the hoarding scene as “gruesome.” The dogs were so fearful the rescuers could barely handle them, she said. Most were schnauzer and terrier mixes. No shelter could take so many dogs on short notice, so CARE had to set up a temporary shelter in Gwangju.

“It is one of those greenhouses that you see all over Korea,” Bailey said. “Inside they placed doghouses and panels to elevate the houses from the ground. The location is only available for three months. Past that they will have to pay out of pocket to maintain it.”

Since that time, Lee said in a telephone interview, many of the dogs have died because there is no way to prevent fights in the temporary shelter.

However, she said other dogs from the same group had been moved to Seoul. As of this writing, about 50 dogs remain at the temporary shelter, with the others spread out among CARE’s adoption centers. Volunteers who are proficient in Korean and experienced with fearful dogs can join weekly volunteer trips to Gwangju on Saturdays, Lee said. Some of the dogs are aggressive, but the majority are scared and timid. The work is often dirty and difficult, according to Lee.

Readers who would like to help CARE in other capacities can join the “CARE Expat Community” Facebook page and check for upcoming volunteer opportunities.

The charity organizes regular trips for English-speaking volunteers to its two adoption centers in Seoul; places are limited and a commitment in advance is required.

Bailey has made two trips to CARE’s “Thank You” adoption center, near Dapsimni Station in Seoul, and says she enjoyed her time walking dogs.

In March, she also organized a photo shoot for people and their pets to raise money for the charity.




We want YOU in the NoToDogMeat Video!

ntdm vid

Our volunteer Brett Allan is making a video to promote the NoToDogMeat campaign and we want it to feature YOU! Please send us a vid of yourself wearing a NoToDogMeat T shirt and shaking your head ‘No’ (to dog meat). Thank you for your support – no action is too small!

Email for vids is

Melanie Cooper’s a TOUGH MUDDER for NoToDogMeat! Please donate!

Mel Cooper

Tough Mudder is a series of hardcore 10-12 mile obstacle race – mud run events designed by British Special Forces to challenge the toughest of the tough. Fabulous Melanie Cooper NoToDogMeat supporter has successfully completed the challenge especially in order to raise funds – please help her beat her target by donating to help fight the dog and cat meat trade! (Click the picture)


I have become vegan in the last 6 weeks because of the horrifying videos that I have seen about the dog and cat meat trade in Korea. The videos are horrific and have to be watched to believe that these things go on. I like many people and many family’s have a pet dog, he is part of our family and we all love and cherish him. I could not imagine him being stolen and dying in such a lonely, scary, painful and horrific way. No living creature deserves this. I am too far away to be able to be hands on and help, but I think the world of the activists I have seen doing everything they can to save these dogs from torture. Even if I raise £50 to help, it will do something and help in someway. And even if I get 1 person to sign the petition, that’s a start. Please please please donate, even £1. James and I are doing this race for those dogs that deserve the freedom to run, and live.

Tough mudder is a 12 mile army style muddy assault course, crawling through tunnels, climbing over walls, ice cold water and electric shocks. It’s a tough event, but it will be absolutely no where near as painful as the suffering of these dogs stolen or bred for the dinner table. And believing that the more suffering the animal experiences, the more tender the meat will be. This is something extremely close to my heart, so please sponsor me and James anything you can, and sign the petitions to stop this horrific trade.

#Notodogmeat Awesome Pet Expo Event Denver Colorado!


Fantastic Notodogmeat supporters Susan Repp and Sarah Tully decided to take matters into her own and set up a stall at the Denver Pet Expo last Saturday 16th August to spread awareness for the fight against the dog meat trade! As well as some amazing eye-catching leaflet outfits they had mounted a collage of dog pictures combining loved family pets and dog meat trade victims to highlight the heart-wrenching difference in the way these animals are treated.

Susan writes “A totally awesome event to educate animal lovers about the barbaric, illegal dog & cat meat trade in Asia. Sassy and I spoke to people ALL day, non-stop and the interest and support was incredible–though I expected that from animal lovers. The majority of people knew about the eating habits but knew NOTHING of the horrors behind it. There were a lot of people that just broke down and cried with disbelief!! My heart was uplifted by the people who stopped by. Thank you to Sassy for being my partner in crime and for all that helped me put the information together. Thank you to NOTODOGMEAT for their donations all the way from the U.K. I still have a few items for sale if anybody is interested, it helps pay for literature etc which BTW, we ran out of!!!! See you next time Kim!! Thank you everybody”

From the rest of us – Thank you Susan and Sarah! xxx

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#Notodogmeat Stall London Fields Entrance Tomorrow 16th Aug 1pm!

Angela Tovey Ev

Ever wanted to have a chat with a real Notodogmeat supporter? Angela (and her dogs Coco and Princess) who has supported Notodogmeat since it started last year will have a stall at the Broadway Market entrance to London fields opposite the Cat and Mutton Pub from 1pm tomorrow 16th August. None of them bite! Angela says ” Pop by and have a chat, buy a T-shirt? Sign a petition, or even hand out flyers if you wish to help – got fantastic support last week!”. 

The lovely pictures were taken last week!