No To Dog Meat: Trip To China

Our very own Sophie Ling has made a safe landing in China. After settling in, Sophie met with various organisations and volunteers. Although, it is not easy to meet and greet with individuals as many do not trust foreigners – Sophie has been building trust for our organization and people like us.  As is many have frowned upon the actions a few of the residents have done in China – However, we will not judge the entirety of their country as it is only a select few acting in a abhorrent way.

Sophie our lovely team member has reassured people that we are respectful of the culture and that we are not hear to judge. Sophie has taken a few pictures over the course of a few days and we would like to share these photos.

Entry Visa Stamp – Proving That No To Dog Meat: Sophie Ling has landed in China.landedinChina

An advertisement in the paper – for happy dog faced shoe pattern. (Wish I was young again and had a pair, these are cute). Although, it’s a shame about the leather in the shoes! We as a team are against the fur and leather industry as well.


Animals have always been seen as “cute”. More of the younger generation are being taught and are learning – to see animals as sentient beings and as beings to protect.

Finding a pet shope in some areas wasn’t easy to find – yet when found. A marvelous selection of treats was abundant.

Progress is happening – as animals are becoming more cared for and loved as family companions. Many dogs are seeing themselves in loving homes throughout China.











Last year – Sophie made a trip and took photos before of a rescue that is in desperate need of help. She will be going again – to the same place to try and help these lovely people who have saved so many dogs.

This is why No To Dog Meat / World Protection For The Dogs And Cats In The Meat Trade – makes trips around the globe. To build foreign friendships while helping rescues with funds for food, vetting and even transport. This is why we fundraise – To help animals in need.

We are their voice – Join us to end cruelty.

More updates to come of Sophie’s trip.

No To Dog Meat & Team Rescue 800 Cats

Six hours ago, No To Dog Meat Sophie Ling, and The Shanghai Animal Protection Frontline Alliance – Intercepted a truck load of 800 cats!


The cats were unloaded from the truck with the help of the fire department. The team has been watching the warehouse all week.

The Police were called and all cats have been confiscated without food and water, while being placed in the pound.

Sophie and two colleagues plus the activists were there negotiating with police at 3 am– to try and reason with them so they could feed and give water to these poor cats or possibly have them released.

Sophie will have to put in an official complaint to see that these cats are released – we are awaiting more updates as this rescue continues on.

theteamThe Shanghai Animal Protection Frontline Alliance

We support everyone on the front line – Including The Shanghai Animal Protection Frontline Alliance activists. We will continue to update as information is sent to us from Sophie Ling and other contacts over in China.

If you wish to help with a donation towards food and medical care, this money will be sent over to them as fast as possible.

You can donate here:


After 3 years of NoToDogMeat campaigning on the streets against Yulin Festival some positive news.  News has come in that Yulin has decided to BAN the dog meat festival.

Yulin party secretary, Li Jun Green Food and Drug Administration in the office has issued a statement to say.

“This year, if businesses hold the dog section, we will pass a resolution for it to be banned!” He has also applied for the Beijing dog business information disclosure and formally stated at a meeting with lawyers “I want the Yulin Dog Meat Festival banned” .

Secretary Li went on further to confirm the festival was in breach of the People’s Republic of China Food Safety Law.

We are awaiting formal confirmation and our team member Sophie is in China right now! As we all know passing a resolution and its implementation are two different things. More on Sophie’s trip will be discussed at a later time. However, if this resolution goes through it is a HUGE step to cracking down on the illegal dog meat to see a demise in the trade.  Our charity has issued letters of thanks and requested embassy meetings to discuss this matter further.
We remain optimistic but cautious as similar promises have been made in the past and time is of the essence for this “ban” to be implemented before June 21st. As is we need more then just verbal promises, so we hope that this time around they are definitely serious.

May is coming up fast upon us and we are preparing our world awareness event for the 18th of May, please if you can join us –  for our week May 18th world awareness your voice counts.

No To Dog Meat: Diplomacy First

Greetings and salutations,

On behalf of the No To Dog Meat and WPDCMT team. We would like to go over some issues that have been presented to us.

We realise that the subject regarding the dog and cat meat culture may be a place where it can be emotive and for feelings to run high, as well as being highly controversial. However, a strict decorum for diplomacy is always best suited to deal with this sensitive topic.

When we see or receive comments of threats and or racism we cannot condone or approve such comments and or speeches. We are here as a group of people from all over the world to bring awareness of the cruelty. We work together with other activists located in these areas that people tend to show hatred for.

We as a group and organization of diversity respect all cultures – it is just the cruelty toward humans and animals we cannot condone.

In truth blame should only be put upon those who do the acts, not the entirety of a country, for even a country of people have those fighting daily to end the cruelty. Blame should also be placed on our own countries animal abusers and government who enter into bilateral trade agreements without raising the issue of animal or human welfare.

To us – we see no colour of skin, there is only us as humans as one race, with a most powerful voice to make change, to better animal and human life.

With this being stated – we will not publicize or accept offensive comments such as racism or threats of harm. If such comments should be posted on our blog or pages they will be removed post haste.

So please, out of the respect for our team and the people fighting daily to change the way things are. Please keep everything to a civil formality.

#NoToDogMeat at Puppy Up! Denver last Saturday!


Last Saturday (November 1st) our fabulous Susan Repp set up stall for NoToDogMeat and raise awareness about the dog meat trade at the Puppy Up! walk event in Denver. Puppy Up! ( formerly 2 Million Dogs ) aims to promote research into the links between human and canine cancer. Owners and their dogs walk 2 miles to raise funds towards research work and have some fun as well!

You can see full set of pictures here !

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#NoToDogMeat at Cabbages & Frocks Dog Day Afternoon dog show and stalls event Sat 11th Oct!


Come and say hello to #NoToDogMeat at Cabbages & Frocks Dog Day Afternoon event tomorrow! From 11 till 5 in the grounds of St Marylebone Church, Marylebone High Street, London W1 (opposite the Jasper Conran shop) there will be a special dog show event for all to attend. Judging the dog show will be Chamois Rose-Wood of The Independent and Rob Alleyne of BBC3’s Dog Borstal ! 

As well as a NoToDogMeat stall  The Mayhew Trust will be there too and there will be various other pet and fashion related stalls for you to peruse – heaven!

NoToDogMeat trustee and Reiki expert Robert Donkers will be speaking about pet healing at 12 and the Dog competitions will start at 2pm and will include A Bit of Ruff’, ‘Waggy Tail’, ‘New Kid on the Block’ and much more!

The nearest tube station to the event is Baker Street. See you there!