Breaking News: Truckload of Dogs Intercepted on Chinese Highway Sun 3rd Aug

Aug 3rd, 7:49pm

These pictures are of Chinese illegally transported stolen dogs stopped last night in China. 500 stolen dogs were being transported and the truck has been caught by volunteers on the highway. It is summer in China, super hot, some are already dead during transportation due to dehydration. These dogs need help.

The dog smuggler’s license plate is 冀FE9437 and is at Tangshan City toll booth, Hebei province China, area code 86.

One of the photos are of a Samoyed dog, poisoned by a dog smuggler – that is one of the methods they use to steal other people’s dogs

Many people are posting this event on Weibo the Chinese version of Twitter.

The horrors of the dog meat trade happen

all year round.

Please help us to stop it. We need more awareness campaigns and we need to support on the ground rescuers and shelters and above all, we need to push the government to create and enforce animal protection laws.

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7 replies

  1. Well done guys keep the good work up


    • Keep catching these ass holes! This breaks my heart to think they are doing this to any animals! Makes me sick. Please keep up the good work you are all doing. Prayers that this can be stopped!


  2. did they stop 3 lorries as i understand 3 were spotted fingers crossed all dogs would be safe.


  3. Thank you!!!!!


  4. Tnx2god almi8y….Tnxlot Jesus…Keep up the good work


  5. No Brazil acreditamos em “Deus”, peço sempre à ele para ajudar vocês nesse trabalho, nessa luta contra as crueldades cometidas contra animais tão dóceis e úteis para humanidade. Parabéns, fico muito feliz quando recebo uma notícia tão boa. E acredito que a China está mudando em muitos aspectos, as pessoas estão tomando consciência que esse tipo de crueldade tem que parar, para a China continuar evoluindo perante os olhos do resto do mundo e deixar de ser mencionada como o país mais cruel do planeta, holocausto para os animais.


  6. How can we help to stop this barbaric trade? What has happened to humanity, ashamed to be human.


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