#StopBokNal2015 Great Glen Way Fundraiser 3rd Leg Update

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This evening Robert, Daisy and Justin and the 7 intrepid doggy trekkers have reached Fort Augustus! They have now completed the 3rd leg of their journey along the full 80 mile length of Scotland’s Great Glen Way which they are doing as a fundraiser for NoToDogMeat to use for the rescue work in South Korea and to help campaign against the dog meat trade. The team also want to raise awareness for the terrible suffering and slaughter of dogs in South Korea which is part of the Bok Nal days. #StopBokNal2015

Though dog meat is consumed throughout the year in South Korea the practice becomes ritualized, mythologized, and celebrated during the summer months, when farms are teeming with dogs. Bok-Nal (“dog-eating days”) are chosen according to the lunar calendar and considered the hottest days of the year In 2015 the 15th July will be ‘Cho Bok’ (first day of summer), followed by ‘Joong Bok’ on the15th July (mid-summer) and on the 14th August ‘Mal Bok’ (end of summer). The restaurants that serve Boshintang, or dog meat soup, are overflowing with customers who zealously believe dog meat will strengthen their bodies and “help stamina” to beat the heat. In addition to this unfounded belief it is also believed that the meat tastes better if the dog suffer before it dies and therefore dogs and cats are tortured.

A dog recently rescued from being boiled alive by IAKA
A dog recently rescued from being boiled alive by IAKA

To Donate to #StopBokNal Fundraiser click here http://www.totalgiving.co.uk/mypage/robertdonkers

Daisy writes “Today was so much different then yesterday. It was dry and at times sunny! Left Laggan around 09:05 am and arrived in Fort Augustus around 01:30 pm. The dry weather made such a big difference. We walked along Loch Oich and the Caledonian Canal. Just before Fort Augustus we had a lunch break. The dogs did great. And I think I can do another walk.”

3rd leg2

Yesterday had been rainy and by the end of it the humans were covered in midge bites! Daisy wrote: “Walked today from Gairlochy to Laggan 17.5 km. It started out pretty miserable, lots of rain, but towards the end finally some sun. We walked through the forest along Loch Lochy it was at times a bit hard for me going up hill. I clearly didn’t train enough as Robert had said oh this is an easy walk all flat. Ha! Not so. Hahahaha. My own fault of course. Cause I am actually a pretty lazy person. Give me a book and a couch and I am good. But Justin Johnson and Robert Donkers are great and keep pace with me. The doggies did great. Pippa had to be carried for a bit as she cooled down too much because of the rain and cold. Tomorrow a new day. Looks like a little less hilly. We’ll see.”

Please donate to to this fund by clicking here: http://www.totalgiving.co.uk/mypage/robertdonkers

— at Loch Lochy

2 thoughts on “#StopBokNal2015 Great Glen Way Fundraiser 3rd Leg Update

    Theresa Siskind, RN said:
    July 9, 2015 at 9:50 pm

    ah, love this xx so proud of all of you, big hugs all around. doggy biscuits too ♥

    christina Pafitis said:
    July 10, 2015 at 3:24 pm

    well done guys god bless

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