Change of Trustee/Update on Fundraiser

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On May 24th 2016, our UK Charity 1154524 will be three years old. We are also a fully registered 503(c)(1) in the USA. As many of you know a charity normally considers re-appointment of trustees annually, and after spending two rewarding years with us Robert Donkers will now resign. All trustees are unpaid volunteers and with our growth to share the workload we will be appointing two new trustees in due course. This will allow us to respond to queries that are raised directly with the charity more efficiently. We would like to thank Robert for his time and for his ongoing support confirming his belief in our charity to make real change.

In August 2015, Robert Donkers sadly was a key eye witness to the horrific animal abuse caused by the Chinese lady Mrs Yang. He can formally confirm her failure to use monies sent to her in good faith and that she did not use this money save dogs and cats from Yulin. He can formally confirm despite polite requests she was unable to show him or any of our team a single dog or cat she had rescued from Yulin 2015. As Robert is an experienced charity trustee and a former CEO of Elephant Family he was able to guide our charity by his experience and we respected and supported his personal decision as a trustee to not work with her anymore.

As a former employed CEO Robert had a very clear understanding of charity commission guidelines and of charity law. This law confirms when a fundraiser reaches its target and is sent to the recipient but then can no longer be applied for the purpose intended the fundraiser is classed as part failed. The remaining funds are legally classed as surplus and can be used for a similar purpose that being to save dogs from the meat trade and to save dogs from being eaten at Yulin. We know there have been misleading and inaccurate reports which have deliberately misquoted the charity law of England and Wales, so we hope this explanation removes all doubt.We remain 100 percent committed to using surplus funds to helping rescue dogs from the meat trade and as donors pledged to ‘stop a dog being eaten at Yulin’.

We really appreciated having Robert on hand to guide our charity during this difficult time and to help us liaise with the charity commission. Robert has kindly agreed to remain on hand should any further questions arise.

We really hope though, as does Robert, that now this matter is closed we can all move on to genuinely saving dogs and working to end the dog meat trade. We look forward to publishing good news on our own rescues.

Robert has formally confirmed he would still like to fundraise for our charity as well as other animal causes close to his heart and we are appreciative. We would personally like to thank him for his previous walks which helped fund our recent campaign in Korea. He also led an education programme to Indonesia, travelling there last year to represent the charity and will publish details of this trip in the coming months.

We are all really proud of our collective achievements and our CEO will soon be back in the UK with dogs she has personally rescued from China.

This notification is by way of information only and all questions to the charity need to be addressed directly by phoning 0207 873 2250 or emailing It has been the charity’s written policy from 2013 not to respond via social media which is used for campaign and general information purposes only.

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