International Doga Day

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‘Doga’ is a form of yoga you practice with your dog recently introduced to the UK by Mahny Djahanguiri, the idea being to bond with your dog through a series of breathing and tantric exercises. Mahny’s Doga classes have appeared in the tv show Made in Chelsea and also in the press and other tv shows.


Mahny was invited to Indonesia in June to introduce Doga to a growing dog loving population. It was then she went to Bali and saw dogs rescued from the meat trade and has helped raise funds for activists there.

Over the period of this year’s ‘Yulin Festival’ Mahny has held a NoToDogMeat event on the 19th of June which she has declared to be International Doga Day – the 21st of June happens to be International Yoga Day. Mahny also decided to spend 3 days – the 20th, 21st and 22nd June – outside the Chinese Embassy in London with her dog Robbie in a lone silent protest and vigil for the dogs of Yulin.

Mahny’s classes run in Camden Town 11-12.30 midday.  To book a space click here visit .

Thank you Mahny for contributing to the fight for the dogs of the meat trade.



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