#Notodogmeat Activism Works

NoToDogMeat Activism works ! Over the last 4 years activists have really been working together globally to pressurise the South Korean Government to end the dog meat trade. DASAOM/ C-GAON (the Korean activist group we support) have protested relentlessly all… Read More ›

Please Email Members of Korean Parliament Now!

Please send an email to the list provided.  You can just copy and paste the whole list and send the whole lot in one go. Sample letter below. yit92@hanmail.net; m567h@na.go.kr; smlee@assembly.go.kr; yiwy5777@naver.com; ykchoi@kmib.co.kr; anyang21@hanmail.net; jhjeon411@naver.com; vision2015@assembly.go.kr; tong@giljw.com; 2030minju@hanmail.net; ktn0320@daum.net; khp316@na.go.kr; bjmin@na.go.kr; Please attach some photos of the torture to your emails, if… Read More ›