International Virtual London Marathon 2021 #Run4TheDogs NoToDogMeat Media Board

Really proud of our team of animal advocates who ran this year’s Virtual London Marathon in four Continents.

Not only did we all complete the race but our fundraising total is rising.

Please keep donating to help us reach our target of £5000

Our plan is to build our partner shelter and education centre in Cambodia and continue our ongoing work in China, where we have our 2021 Yulin Rescues.

We have received some off-line donations so we are over half way.

Please check out some of our amazing runners in Cambodia, China, USA, UK, Australia, Singapore and a cruise ship!

Well done everyone.

All media enquiries to


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Chantha and the Schoolchildren in Cambodia

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Denis and Li Qi in China

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Mayank Suri in Singapore Hotel Quarantine

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SummerLee in Shanghai

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United Kingdom

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3 replies

  1. grazie di tutto che fate per questi povere animali,sono con voi


  2. hi there,

    Do you have any representation in Toronto Canada?

    Lisa Turney
    Global Coliation for the Protection of Animals (GCPA)


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